Everything Changes

Session 0: Getting Up to Speed

Before the campaign officially starts I will meet with each of you individually to go over character info, round out your character’s place in the world, give you a chance to get comfortable at the table before it gets crowded, and get each of you to the “beginning” in your own unique way.
Some things to consider for your character backgrounds: The world has been post-apocalyptic for the last 10 years, and it will make a big difference to your character how much of his or her past that is. Depending on your race, it could be half of your life or just a drop in the bucket. How have you survived in this extremely hostile environment? Is anyone you knew before still alive? Do you feel bitter toward the people who hide in havens? Do you want to protect them? How do you feel about the living who serve Vecna and his undead minions? Do you want to fix this world, or escape from it? Do you trust other living, or do you think they’re just waiting for the opportunity to stab you in the back?
Because of the nature of the setting, issues in this campaign are a little more black and white than in others. Vecna is an evil and ruthless tyrant, and all living people are being oppressed by him. The undead and elementals have raped this world, turning it into a living hell. No one can survive on their own for long, but whether people stick together out of a need to get by or to take solace in a sense community shapes their relationships with everyone they meet.



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