Rings of the Akarot

Six rings of ancient fallen kings


Rom Kala’s Tideshield Ring: The magic of this blue-green ring protects you from the denizens of the sea and lets you stand fast in combat.

Farndak’s Glittering Ring: This gem-studded ring lets you draw vigor from your allies even as it pulls a foe into your grasp.

Ring of Hrumdar’s Halls: This solid iron band grants you insight into the hazards of the underground and lets you drive foes before you.

Golden Ring of Teros: The magic of this golden ring protects your physical perfection from harm.


500 years ago the Akarot Kingdems fell when their kings disappeared. Every trace of their existence disappeared from the world, except for their signet rings. Over time their rings each took on the power of their makers, and became powerful items sought for by any who knew their history. They have changed hands many times in the intervening centuries, but have never stayed with the same person for long.

Rings of the Akarot

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