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Character Journals
Shoulder Angels

2 November Well, things didn’t go as planned. My schedule isn’t going to allow me to run a campaign, so I’m hoping to try this with short chapters. Each chapter will take place over a couple of days in real time, with (theoretically) dense and intense gaming so we can get a lot done. My hope is to be able to do a few of these chapters, and take opportunities when peoples’ schedules are light to do some regular, weekly gaming. This is all touch and go right now, so we’ll see what happens. The first chapter is scheduled to take place on the 18-19 of this month. Here goes nothing!
Because of this irregular and unpredictable schedule, I won’t be using the “Shoulder Angels” idea for this story. I’m going to keep the pages up so that people have the opportunity to make comments if they have any good ideas. I plan to use this mechanic at some point in the future, whenever that is. 9:36

18 July The campaign has been delayed more than I originally thought. I’m involved in some other campaigns, and am waiting for at least one of them to end before I start DMing again. Sorry for the wait, those of you who were looking forward to the game. 11:40

30 March Things are getting a little chaotic with the group. This campaign is going to take place 10 years after my last one, and is dealing with the post-apocalyptic consequences of what happened. The original plan was to have pretty much the same people involved, but it looks like that won’t be happening, and I’m not sure how this will affect the game. We’re not starting for some time, soI’m hoping that things will just sort of resolve themselves. We’ll see what happens! 17:35

18 March I’m hoping to get preliminary character creation/background, and the solo introductory sessions done in late May, and to officially start the campaign in June. That doesn’t mean you have to wait to start thinking about your character! If you start thinking about it sooner then we can get any questions you might have out of the way, and everything will start smooth-like. 13:52


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