Here are the houserules I’ll be operating under. I have chosen them in an attempt to keep things running smoothly, and to try doing things a little differently Everything is up for debate, so if you feel something is unfair or unfun then let me know. Likewise, let me know if you have an idea for something you want to try at the table. News
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On Obsidian Portal

  • Do NOT delete what other people have written. Definitely add things above or below, but as much as possible try to keep things intact as they have been made.
    OR, If you want to interject something into the middle of someone else’s writing, then use superscript by putting carrets (shift-6) around your text so it looks like this and is clear.
  • When you post something on a page other than your character’s, put your name or first initial in parentheses at the end (DM).
  • If you want more info on formatting, go here

At the Table

  • If your combat turn comes around and you’re holding things up, your character will delay until you are ready.
  • Everyone gets an action point for every combat. Don’t forget to use them!
  • Instead of getting an action point when you get a milestone, you get a re-roll which can be used on any roll you make. There is no limit on how many times you can use a re-roll in any given encounter or round, but you lose stockpiled re-rolls when you take a full rest.


  • I’m curious about trying something a little different with experience. This will not be implemented for sure, so let me know what you think about the idea.
  • No standard experience for encounters. Instead, I will hand out levels after completed quests, adventures, or story arcs. You should receive a level about every three sessions.
  • There will be bonus experience for doing cool or innovative things, making an awesome joke, being stylish (in character), or whenever I feel like it.
    1000 experience earns you a level.

Character Creation

  • Anything published by Wizards is fine to use.
  • I’m all for customization, so if the available options aren’t enough we’ll work together to make something awesome.
    This is a way to fill out a thematic or story idea, not to be more super-powered.
  • Monstrous races are playable; people in this hostile world work with anyone if it’s advantageous.
    The only caveat is that you have to have a background explaining what and why your character is what it is.
  • Stat rolling. I’m getting a little bored of “4d6 lose the lowest” and I want to try something new. I have created some new ways to roll stats (shown below), and you get to vote on the one you like. Each of you gets two votes, which cannot be used on the same method, and whichever one wins will be used by everyone. The standard method will be there to vote on, and no matter which one wins you can still use the point-buy/allotment system. You get to roll two sets of stats and pick which one to use. I want to have a character creation session with everyone together, and we’ll roll stats then. That way, if for some reason it sucks, we can just throw the whole thing out. Let me know if you want the voting to be secret or public.
    Negative numbers mean drop that many of the lowest rolls, parentheses are the number of stats rolled that way. Ex: 4d6-1 (x6) means roll 4 dice and drop the lowest one for all six stats.
  1. Standard: 4d6-1 (x6)
  2. Skew: 5d6-2(x2), 4d6-1(x3), 3d6(x1)
  3. Ranked: 4d8-1(x1), 4d6-1(x2), 4d4(x3)
  4. Wide: 20, 2d20-1(x2), 3d10-1(x3) [at least 3]
  5. Risky: 1D100 (x6)
5(1-8) 8
10(35-39) 5
15(62-68) 7
6(9-15) 7
11(40-44) 5
16(69-75) 7
7(16-22) 7
12(45-49) 5
17(76-83) 8
8(23-28) 6
13(50-55) 6
18(84-91) 8
9(29-34) 6
14(56-61) 6
19(92-100) 9

Will: I vote for ‘Ranked.’ However, I really don’t understand ‘Risky.’

The first number is the ability score. The parentheses are the range on a d100 that earns that score. The little number next to the parentheses is the probability (chance out of 100) that you roll that score. So the entry 8(23-28) 6 means that in order to have an ability score of 8 you must roll a 23-28 on a d100, which has a probability of 6/100. So the most likely scores with this system are 19, followed by 18, 17, and 5. The least likely scores are 10, 11, and 12. You are more likely to get a high stat than any other, but you are more likely to get a low stat than a middle one.


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